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Worried about your gambling?

Do you recognise the warning signs of gambling harm? If you do, try our practical tips and access free support.

Do any of these warning signs look familiar?

How you can take control

angled arrowHere are some practical steps you can take to take control of your gambling and the harm it's causing.

  • Register on BetStop

    BetStop is the national self-exclusion register. This free service allows you to exclude yourself from all licensed interactive wagering services for anything from three months to a lifetime.

    When you sign up, wagering providers will be required to close all your betting accounts and must not:

    • Let you place a bet
    • Let you open a new account
    • Send you marketing messages.

    Register now

  • Exclude yourself

    You can restrict or exclude yourself from gaming venues and online bookmakers. Click on the links here to complete the self-exclusion forms.

  • Block gambling ads

    There's a range of internet browser extensions available that prevent gambling ads from appearing on your phone or computer.

    Search online for an extension for your browser or try using uBlock Origin.